Everyone has to have a  bucket list, right? Even if you don’t have a bucket list written down, you have a few things in your head that you have just GOT to do before the end of this life! This is my list while living in Japan, our first home. I will update my list as we travel to Colorado, our next home.

1.The big Buddha of Kamakura.
2. Climb Mountain Fuji.
3. Climb Mountain Takao.
4. Visit the old Capital of Japan, Kyoto.
5. Visit the city of the atomic bombings, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
6. Tour a Sake Brewery (Sake = Japanese beer)
7. Visit the snow monkeys in Nagano.
8. Visit both Disney Tokyo, and Disney Sea.
9. Go to Universal Studios in Osaka.
10. Visit the Sapparo Snow Festival.
11. Visit Matsumoto Castle.
12. Watch a sumo wrestler tournament.
13. Visit the Statue of Liberty.
14. Wear and take a picture in a traditional Japanese Kimono.
15. Travel to Singapore, Thailand, Okinawa, Australia and Guam.
16. Take a picture with a Harajuku girl.
17. Take a picture under the 7000 tori gates.
18. Attempt to Ski for the first time.
19. Visit Tama hills.
20. Celebrate an anniversary at the New York Grill.
21. Try traditional ramen and gyoza.
22. Travel to as many cities as possible: Tachikawa, Shinjuku, Hachioji, Shibuya, Harajuku, Roppongi, Odaiba.
23. Attend at least 10 festivals in Japan.
24. Visit showa park.
25. Go to Seibuen amusement park.
26. Visit the cat and owl cafe.
27. Visit the Todaiji temple in Nara.
28. Visit the Tsukiji fish market (largest fresh seafood market in the world)
29. See the Toshugu shrine.
30. See all 3 gardens (Kairaku-en, Koraku-en, Kenroku-en)
31. Learn enough Japanese to have a conversation with the locals.
32. Visit the black sand beach in Minami Hyuga.
33. Learn to play Pachinko
34. Go to a Japanese Baseball Game.

It is NOT as much as it seems. I absolutely want to make the best of living in this beautiful country of Japan. I will probably add more to my bucket list. However I hope to continue to accomplish all of these with the rest of the time we have here in Japan.
What is some things, on your bucket list?

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